Monday, March 29, 2010

Top 10 Making Real Money from Home

Number 8 idea for making real money from home: Private Coach

For a parent who wants their child to excel in a sport or other competition, you can use your unique talents to become their private coach. Some of the disciplines where you can be a private coach are children’s pageants, sports from baseball to gymnastics, chess, bees or any other areas that involve competition.

Number 7 idea for making real money from home: Child tutor in

Everyone is good at some subject. Choose your favorite and offer private tutoring. Teach math, language, history, art, or any other subject where a child or adult may need help.

Number 6 idea for making real money from home: Music Lessons
If you can play any music instrument well, offer to teach local children in your home. People are willing to pay more, if you can travel to their home. If you can do a different neighborhood a day, you will maximize your income potential.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This topic is one I take very seriously, and I admit that I have difficulty convincing people of the truth of the following statement: When you own a position, unless there is something very unusual about the current option prices (that will be resolved shortly), the current value of the position represents your current stake. In other words, the price at which you could exit the trade right now (even if you don't want to exit), represents your money.
If you have a profit, that profit is yours. It does not belong to "the house." If the investment turns against you, and your $1,000 profit becomes a $400 profit, you lost $300.
I can hear the disbelief now: "How can I have lost $500 when I earned a $600 profit?"
Here's how I look at this situation, and I hope to convince you to look at it: You have a position or a bunch of positions. Every time you sit in front of your computer (or telephone or blackberry) and look at the position, if the market is open, you have a choice. You can hold the position, you can add to the trade, or you can exit and accept the current price -- regardless of whether it represents a profit or loss. If the market is closed, you can submit an order (to be executed when the market next opens), in an attempt to take any one of those actions (holding requires no such order).
Holding is a decision. It's a decision not to act. Because you can exit the trade at its current price, that price represents the value of your trade. This is marking to the market. No other accounting method makes sense; that's why I believe so many banks are insolvent -- a few accountants excused them from being forced to mark to the market. That's the way your broker values your account when it provides the current net liquidation value. It's also the value they use when determining whether to issue a margin call. Telling the broker that the position is worth more and asking that a margin call be postponed will have no effect. 
When you make the investment decision not to close the trade, as will happen almost every time you look at your portfolio,  that's equivalent to closing the old position and re-opening it at the same prices -- commission free. in other words, it's a decision to own the position at the current price. Thus, if your position declines in value from this point, you lose money. Your money.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


There are several ways to use the Internet to make money from home, even without combing job boards or creating self employment resumes. Need to earn some fast cash? Get online and get to work. Even with the Internet, making money takes some effort.
How can you make some fast money? Here are some tips on making fast money ethically and legally. Any one of these tips should help you make some quick cash. Before jumping into these money-making tips, here are a couple things to keep in mind.
First, these tips are aimed at helping you make money fast. They are NOT going to make you rich. One or two tips should earn you an extra $50-100 over the next week. Implement all the tips, and you could see a couple hundred dollars added to your bottom line. But do not expect quick riches.
Second, you need some planning and a few days to work with. That planning should include ways to start saving money.
If you are in a situation where you need quick cash today, then you're in a crisis -- and you probably need to borrow money from friends, relatives, a bank, or (last resort) a fast cash outlet. This article is aimed at those who have at least a few days (preferably a week) to work with.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

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